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About Maurice Watches

Maurice Watches are based in the Midlands, retailing used Rolex for over 10 years. Maurice Fox, was a leading retailer in jewellery and timepieces over 75 years ago, which we honoured in a company name change this year.With contacts and suppliers from the United Kingdom and across Europe we have had the ability to ensure our customers have received the best price and the exact watch they want. We only sell Rolex as that is what we specialise in and always will do.

We are a small boutique reachingĀ all customers in the United Kingdom, from Northern Ireland(we love jetting over to you) to London(we like the queen too). All our stock is on our website although we cannot guarantee that is always up to date. If a watch is out of stock that you like, we can always try and find an exact model or a close as possible match, typically within 7 working days.

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